Recipes and women of all times

It could be another cookbook but it’s not.
Luísa Villar was inspired by dozens of stories of incredible women who lived during the first half of the 20th century and adapted recipes from other times to today.
The result is a book to savor slowly with 60 recipes, from 20 unique women, organised into 20 menus.


Take a seat at Mesaluisa

Cook your dish, learn where to buy the freshest products
or simply sit back and enjoy Mesaluisa.

Take a seat at Mesaluisa

Cook your dish, know where to buy the freshest products
or simply sit back and enjoy  Mesaluisa.

Mesaluisa at SIC Mulher.
Cooking, learning and eating.

A journey to the past of Portuguese cooking. In a relaxed and direct way, we will have reinventions and tips for those who like to cook and don’t need fireworks to surprise their guests.

In each episode, Luísa and the audience will face a different challenge, together they will go through recipes from old books, and they will adapt to our days.


  • Luisa, Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Lisboa life through the magic of cooking together and sharing an incredible meal and wonderful conversation. Watching you shop at the market and creating our meal was fantastic to watch and be invlolved with. I thank my son Bobby for finding your cooking experience. Visiting Lisbon will have a special memory in all our hearts. Friends forever!

    Robert, Jackie, Bobby and Alec USA
  • Thank you so much for teaching us about Portuguese food and culture. We stuffed ourselves with soup, bread, salad , red snapper, figs, waits and apples. Everyting was 'delicioso'! Once upon a time, we had an amazing meal with wonderful stories and cooking lessons from Luisa. Thank you very much for the experience! We loved every minute of our time, learning about food, culture, and all of the stories you shared with us. Thank you! Loved the market, fish and stories. Thank you both so much for the delicious food and great company. We’ve done cooking classes around the world and this was the best, most personal and a great meal with friends. Thank you Luisa!

    Alec, Madeline, James, Ashley, Laura and Megan USA
  • Luisa, Thank you for being such a generous and loving host! I loved to lern about the portuguese dishes and hearing your stories about your mum, kids and grandkids. And going for the market was such a great start to the experience. I can’t wait to cook these dishes at home!!

    Kery Ann USA
  • Luisa, Obrigada pela acolhida e gentileza em nos receber no seu espaço. A experiência foi muito significativa e fundamental para conhecer um pouco mais da Gastronomia portuguesa. Adoramos acompanhar e degustar um cardápio típico português.

    Ceci Santiago Brasil
  • Luisa, Gostaríamos de agradecer pela grande acolhida em sua cozinha e pelo tempo dedicado a nos conhecer um pouco mais de nossas vidas e gostos. Desde as compras até o preparo, estava tudo uma maravilha. Os pratos preparados estavam deliciosos, mas é uma pena não termos mais tempo para preparar as relíquias descritas nos seus antigos livros de culinária portuguesa. Mais uma vez um muito obrigado brasileiro! Abraços, Caire e Viviane

    Caire e Viviane Brasil


Right next to one of the most iconic Portuguese markets, in a typical Lisbon courtyard, is Mesaluisa.

The magic of gathering, of learning and sharing the genuine flavours and personality of Portugal.


The magic of gathering, of learning and sharing the genuine flavours and personality of Portugal.

A journey through the flavours of Portugal

Come and meet Mesaluisa!