Luisa Villar – Não Se Brinca Com A Comida

16.00 IVA incl.


I grew up hearing the phrase ‘Don’t play with your food.’ With the arrival of my grandchildren, I realized that this was a tremendous mistake. Why not play with food? Why can’t the hamburger turn into a Ninja turtle? And the banana, can it not be a snake? I discovered that any food can be the beginning of a story, an adventure that we all build together while we are at the table. That’s what I want to share with all adults—let your imagination run wild, ask for help from the little ones, let them challenge you. That’s how I started when my grandson asked me, ‘Grandma, can it be a shark today? And now a firefighter?’ And for each idea, I started a story. Many are left unfinished so that children can finish them as they wish, and who knows, each day with a different ending. I hope you have as much fun with this book as I had making it, and may these ideas bring you more and more ideas.