Bifana – a traditional Portuguese sandwich

Unraveling the secrets of the magic pan

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Bifana – a traditional Portuguese sandwich

Every country has its traditional piece of bread with different ingredients inside – those are often the most simple and delicious foods. In Portugal, one of these beloved “national sandwiches” is the bifana.

At Mesaluísa’s we will show you how to prepare a bifana with our favorite Lisbon-style recipe: thinly sliced pork marinated in a mix of garlic, white wine, bayleaf and other condiments, slowly cooked on a skillet – which we like to call the “magic pan”! – until it’s flavourful and tender. Served on a Portuguese soft roll or bread with sweet vinegary mustard and our homemade piri-piri sauce added on top. By the end of this experience you will know all the secrets to prepare a delicious bifana yourself.

Starting time

1PM; 3:30PM


Min. 4, Max. 12
-50% for children under 12
Free for children up to 2




60€ (taxes inc.)

Note: If you wish your experience to be private please inform us in the Order notes on the checkout. Depending on the number of people, in addition to the standard price a private experience fee might apply.

At any time of the day

Bifana is part of the Portuguese daily life and for many it can be eaten almost any time of day: be it a morning “workers’ breakfast”, a quick lunch “snack”, an afterwork “social bite” or a late night “after-party” invigorating food. It is made all around the country and while the two main ingredients – pork and bread – are ubiquitous, its recipe might vary across different regions.

Our favorite Lisbon-style recipe

Join us for the afternoon and savor our favorite recipe made by whole-hearted bifana lovers. We’ll guide your way through the kitchen and introduce you to the bifanada spirit: a reunion of people talking about life over a tasty piece of bread.

Your stories, our flavours.

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